Mystery, post script


I realized that I may have jumped to a wrong conclusion in following Mr. Anderson’s and others’ characterization of our universe as cold, lawful and valueless.  Analogous to our valuing the rare metals, e.g., gold, platinum, for their special properties, perhaps the universe does present us with a value, life.  Not a great deal of it around, as far as we can tell and it does seem to be precious.  Perhaps our quest for extra-terrestial intelligence, or at least life, is simply a manifestation of our seeking that treasure, that value.  The scale of the universe seems to contravene any hope of success for the SETI projects but life will out, one way or another, and it is out there, if not elsewhere in our galaxy as depicted above, then in the countless other galaxies.  To think otherwise would be to make the same old mistake of believing our club is somehow exclusive and superior.  And thank you, Carl Sagan, for helping me understand this.


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