Bonobos can dance


Reuters reports a fairly ecological study showing bonobos have a sense of rhythm:

Bonobos are closely related to chimpanzees and humans, sharing around 95% of our genes.  Theirs are rearranged a little bit.  Their behaviors are different from chimpanzees though as bonobos have been found to be a bit more peaceful, matriarchal in status, very empathetic, socially oriented and highly sexual in their interactions.  They are geographically isolated from chimpanzees by the Congo river, thus their independent evolution (neither are good swimmers).


Rhythm matching occurs with animals in very many ways and now researchers have found that bonobos drum and match rhythms, certainly one of the basic behaviors  generating social synchrony and music.  Oh, and bonobos communicate vocally a good deal though we do not understand what this entails. We do recognize facial expressions however as in



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