Neanderthal symbols?

Please notice I said ‘symbols’ and not ‘art’.  Plenty of coverage about some rock carvings found in proximity to Neanderthal tools from a cave in Europe.  The title usually includes the term ‘art’ but I think ‘symbols’ is more specific or precise.  First, here’s our man?



The paleoanthropologists (great job) found a series of horizontal and vertical grooves in a cross hatch pattern carved in a cave excavation  in Spain, I think (been distracted).  The tools at this level of the dig were clearly Neanderthal.  They have found symbols in caves associated with Neanderthals and dated prior to the arrival of Homo sapiens (what about homa sapiens?), but no artifacts along with them.  So these are the real deal.  Now you can call them art; to me they are really symbolic or presymbolic, not discursive but maybe presentational, if you follow Langer in these matters.  The scientists have actually estimated the number of strokes to  carve these symbols on the walls.  But consider this, it is a multiple number sign, the initiation of a hashtag..  What do you think? I am thinking Jungian archetype.

#neanderthal    #hashtag  #jungian archetype, # pre-symbolic  

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