Dogs and their humans

A quick post this morning because I like this story even it turns out not to be replicable.  A report of research from Japan wherein the scientists gave subjects pictures of dogs and of humans and asked them to match each to their owner.  Turns out they could do so at a better than chance rate.  Then they did it again and covered different parts of the face, e.g., mouths, eyes, nose, etc. and found that when the eyes were covered, performance dropped to chance levels, thereby suggesting the truth lay in the eyes.  We have all seen pictures of dogs who look like their owners in some way but this seems different, more like research I read looong ago showing that the periods of menstruating females in the same household tended to synchronize to the same time of the month.  We have research showing that dogs look at our eyes for cues and even focus on the left eye (?) because it is the more expressive just as we do from a very young age.  Still I hope researchers in other countries are racing to replicate this study.  So, as you go through your day, look for this dog’s human.


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