Another prehistoric find

The Nazca culture flourished in Peru around 100 CE (+/- 400 years).  They were agriculturalists who built aqueducts and constructed the famous Nazca lines and geoglyphs.  These were done by removing soil to reveal  white stone underneath.  I knew about the geoglyphs but there are also many straight lines the significance of which we don’t understand (not that we really understand the geoglyphs either).  A researcher showed that a large group of people could make one of these figures in a short time and without any aerial perspective.  Here’s one;


So now we go to recent reports about newly discovered figures made of earthen mounds in Kazakstan. (Link to NYT story:  These are also large figures, more geometric than glyphic though one is an elaborate 3 legged swastika.  The evidence points to their construction by a nomadic culture around 5000 years ago.  This is different from other large prehistoric structures like Stonehenge or the Pyramids that were built by settled agronomists.  These Kazakstan figures are not that elaborate but still show good engineering of straight lines.  No word yet if they are oriented to any astronomical events.  They are curious. Here is the largest:


Their discovery and pictures were enabled by Google and NASA satellite photos.  There is a neolithic site nearby where the constructors may have lived as they wandered with the seasons.  Much we do not know.  Travel on.

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