Penultimate post (approximately)

Some readers may have noticed that I have slowed down in presenting new posts (also maybe that they are getting a bit longer and more arcane).  I am starting the 7th year of keeping this blog. For the record, I have had over 3800 visitors from many countries reading 362 posts comprising many thousands of words.  My most read post is ‘Arcuate Fasciculus, mirror neurons and memes’ from 4/24/14 that has been viewed over 900 times and continues to be read several times a week. It is a good one but I have several that are better but not so popular—go figure.

I write today to say that after one more post I am going to focus on other projects.  I am sure I will still post here again, now and then, but I have grown older and so have less energy and less ability to manage diverse tasks.  Most of all I want to focus on one or two larger projects and that means paring away some of the many things I do.  So I will post once more and then follow a different path.  Take care and travel on.


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