Life’s other property

All life is local—one of my favorite sayings, almost a tautology of sorts but life’s locality comes on many levels. Consider our chemistry: oxidation happens the same everywhere; metabolic oxidation happens only somewhere. Rather than our energies disperse and spread out to become information-less as entropy demands, they sustain a fragile structure in a negentropic manner within the boundary of a semi-closed system. Of course entropy is the law so each structure will cease to be maintained sooner or later and hopefully after reproduction.   While our genes replicate individuals, more or less, the experiential details compose the life history. Life is inherent in genes; it is manifest in the soma.


All right, so what is life’s other property? The clues are in our semi-closed system and genetic replication, and the answer is displacement. Reproduction displaces the currents devolving in one life into the flow of the next. The soma within its boundary, such as cell membranes or skin, moves on its own displacing space over time.   The soma ingests and excretes (displaces) in the service of sustaining metabolism, thus we are a semi-closed system. Most curiously the soma’s brain transforms ambient energies, chemical scents, visual lights, auditory vibrations, skin temperature and pressure, thereby displacing the stimuli of the moment to a another nervous time and space, and then our brain develops a very local, interior virtual domain with its MEMBRAIN in control. The evolution of empathy and symbols allows sharing among interiorities, between different localities.

Out of this comes a common, important, sometimes overlooked in the course of business fact: All life is local and not alone; all life is local and together. Travel on.